Best Family Dogs- 10 Dogs Which Are Family Friendly

Best Family Dogs -Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family

what are the best family dogs? you’re wanting to complete the family, so what does this mean… you’re buying a pup! No home is complete without a pet right? But how do you decide which is the best bet for your family, you need to include factors of your lifestyle, family-friendly dog and will it adapt into your home life? there’s a lot to think about and obviously everyone you speak to thinks their breed is the best and rightly so but when you have a family their are thing you need to factor before buying:

  • Temperament
  • Loyal
  • pet friendly
  • child friendly
  • well-natured

Pretty pup look at the 10 best family dogs which are family-friendly and explain why they make perfect family dogs:

10- cocker spaniel

This is a medium-sized dog that loves to play, they adapt very quickly into family life, although they do need a good moderate amount of exercise they don’t need as much as their other spaniel families making them a perfect choice for families, they are very loyal dogs which are good around children and become very people-oriented. Cocker spaniels have a very good nature and have a lovely temperament. not only are cocker spaniels good round people but they are very good around other animals too.

the cocker spaniel was originally bred as a working gundog but has quickly changed to become one of the nation’s favorite family dogs they have a life span of 11- 12 years, very intelligent and easy to train, cooker spaniel love to pleas their owners and like to be challenged with learning new stuff, they need to be mentally stimulated and must know their place with who is their owner.


  • Family-friendly and good around other pets
  • calm temperament
  • people-oriented
  • very playful
  • good size dog adapt quickly into domestic living


  • can excessive bark
  • drool a lot when excited
  • Shed throughout the year
  • known from suffering from separation anxiety
  • need to be trained from a young age otherwise can become uncontrollable and overexcited
  • not best with very young children


9 – Hungarian vizsla 

The Hungarian vizsla has a very distinctive look and has become very popular over the last 10 years in the UK, this breed is easy to train and love going for walks ( they do need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation), they are very gentle, lovely natured and want to please, they are brilliant around children of all ages and are a medium-sized pointer dog. They are very intelligent and low maintenance when it comes to grooming as they have low shedding. this breed makes a perfect choice for a first-time pet die to their nature, temperament and how easy they are to train. A Hungarian Vizsla has a life span of 9- 15 years and is part of the gundog family.


  • excellent around children
  • very intelligent and loyal
  • easy to train
  • low shedding
  • perfect first-time pet for families


  • don’t like rain so can refuse to go out
  • need lots of training form a young age
  • can suffer from separation anxiety
  • need a lot of mental stimulation
  • can be stubborn and have selective hearing
  • need a lot of exercise


8 – Beagle 

Beagles are a medium-sized dog, who loves exploring and finding things. it’s also easy to see why this breed is so popular with families with their kind nature and loving ways. They fit in very well to family life and love to please their owners, they are low maintenance when it comes to grooming as their shedding is quite minimum, beagles are very social dogs and love company of other dogs and get on well with other pets in the household, Beagles can happily live in the countryside or in cities they are very adaptable as long as they get exercise. they are also very good around children and make a great first family pet. they tend to have a life span of 12-14 years and love going for walks and being outdoors they are part of the hunting dog family.


  • Happy in any environment along as plenty of exercise is given
  • social dogs
  • Excellent around children
  • Loving nature and very loyal
  • easy to maintain on grooming
  • make ideal first pet


  • excessive barking can bark at any give opportunity
  • need tough training otherwise can become stubborn and make it more challenging
  • take a long time to housebreak
  • Get distracted with their nose very easily


7- Collie 

The collie is a very affectionate dog, and adapt very well to family living whether this is an apartment or in the countryside, this breed of dog is excellent around children and are very loyal an well natured. collies love to be in the companies of others as well as getting on with other pets, This breed is very intelligent and needs a lot of mental stimulation to prevent them coming bored and require a lot of exercise, collies love being outside and working and learning new things, they are very pleasing and constantly looking for a way to impress their owner. They are loyal yet playful and very easy to train, perfect to include the children to help train your new dog. Collies are known for being fairly quiet dogs yet when left on their own they are known for excessive barking. They also require a lot of grooming and have a life span of 10-14 years. The collie is native from Scotland and is part of the herding family.


  • easy to train
  • excellent around children
  • very loyal and love to please
  • playful
  • adapt quickly into family life


  • Require a lot of exercise
  • don’t like to be left alone
  • Can become very vocal if left for long periods of time
  • need plenty of mental stimulation
  • require a lot of grooming


6-Cavilier King Charles spaniel 

These toy dogs are very affectionate when it comes to people, they are loyal, trustworthy and not demanding. cavalier king Charles spaniels love to be around people of all ages and is another reason they make great companionship for anyone, they are easy to train and are a fantastic choice for first-time pet owners. cavaliers are very sociable dogs and get on with other pets due to their nature and tenement. This breed likes a lot of exercises and needs a lot of mental stimulation, but because they are easy to train and enjoy learning new things getting the kids to teach them new tricks keeps them well occupied. toy dogs are very happy to live in apartments, the cavalier King Charles spaniel and are known for being very quiet and keeping barking to a minimum, however they require a lot of grooming. They tend to have a life span of 10 -15 years


  • Very affectionate
  • very sociable
  • good with people of all ages and make a great companionship
  • Easy to train
  • intelligent and love to learn


  • can suffer from serpertaion anxiety
  • are not good guard dogs you to their friendly nature
  •  require a lot of grooming
  • suffer from ear infections due to their long ears


5-Labrador retriever 

the reliable labrador retriever, a firm favorite when it comes to a family dog, and its easy to see why… gentle and very trustworthy the labrador makes a perfect pet to be around children. They quickly form strong bonds with their families and are always wanting to please their owners, this breed of dog is fairly easy to train but must be taught from an early age to keep their excitement and boisterousness at bay. they tend to shed all year round with yellow Labradors shedding more fur. The Labrador is very well natured and is very social, they enjoy other companies of dogs and get on with either pet. They have a life span of 10-12 years and are part of the gun dog family and was originally bred to help fisherman help bring in the nets, these dogs are very strong and great swimmers. ; Labrador retrievers are able to cope with being with people and being left on their own and adapt to many different living situations quickly.


  • Gentle and loving
  • trustworthy
  • brilliant around children
  • very sociable and gets on with other pets
  • form strong bonds with their family


  • shed throughout the whole year with yellow labradors shedding the most
  • can be very boisterous if not trained properly
  • very bouncy and over-energetic when puppies
  • overuse their mouths so need to be controlled at a young age
  • need lots of mental stimulation


4- Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Although these dogs seem to get a lot of negative press about them these dogs actually make great family dogs, Staffordshire bull terriers are very people-oriented and love being social, they are good around children of all ages and are confident and loyal, this breed of dog lovers playing and can be very energetic. These dogs don’t like being left on their own so need to be with a family where someone is always at home, they don’t require much grooming and are quite minimum on shedding. Staffordshire bull terriers are very nice natured and loving even though they were originally bred ads a fighting dog, they are a medium sizes dog and have a life span of 12-14 years.


  • love playing
  • very sociable  and loyal
  • love being around people
  • not shed much


  • can be destructive if bored
  • can develop separation anxiety as don’t like being left on their own
  • can be aggressive towards other dogs
  • need plenty of mental stimulation
  • need a firm handler
  • have to start training early to prevent them from becoming naughty and boisterous


3- boxer

The boxer is a big bundle of energy with a great personality, they are extremely loving and very affectionate towards their family, boxers need early socialisation with other dogs as they can sometimes become too overprotective of their families. this breed loves nothing more then being with people and do not enjoy being on their own if left for long periods of time they can suffer from separation anxiety so its best that someone is always at home with this breed of dog. Boxers are very well natured yet very energetic they are very commercial and known for being silly, Boxers need plenty of exercises and need regular walking. They have a life span of up to 10 years and are part of the working dogs group and make an excellent watchdog yet are very good around children of all ages. they originally originate from Germany.


  • great around children of all ages
  • Very loyal and friendly
  • energetic and love exercise
  • make great watchdogs
  • love being with people
  • very intelligent  and affectionate


  • need loads of mental stimulation
  • very energetic and need plenty of exercise
  • slobber and drool a lot
  • Have a few hereditary health problems
  • if bored can be destructive
  • suffer from separation anxiety if left alone


2 – Daschund 

The Daschund is part of the toy family, it is a small-sized dog that is very intelligent and extremely loving, daschunds are very loyal to their owners and always show affection. These dogs are very quick to learn and love playing and learning new things, this breed likes to stay busy and like excercise, they will go at any chance their owner will take them. Sachunds are also quite happy to curl up next to you and sleep[. their very easily pleased yet like to make th9er family happy. When becoming hyper they are known for being very funny and being a bit of a clown but very entertaining to watch. if not trained from an early age the doing can become very stubborn. they usually have a life span of 12-13 years and are available in short and long hair overall they are a very low maintenance dog.


  • very loyal and affectionate
  • playful and energetic
  • love walks
  • very intelligent
  • love learning
  • funny and charming


  • can take longer than other dogs to house train
  • can be very stubborn if not trained from an early age
  • can suffer from health problems
  • can sometimes be overprotective – must be socialized from a young age
  • because of the shape of them, they must not jump as they can damage their backs


1- Poodle

The poodle comes in 3 sizes, the toy, miniature, and standard and is a very intelligent dog, they are very loyal to their families. Poodles are great with children of all ages and they have plenty of energy and enjoy going for walks a lot of exercises, these breeds can get bored very easily so mental stimulation through exercise and playing is needed. they can be a bit cautious towards new people until known but like once their known, they also make great watchdogs as they like to let their owners know of anyone approaching. Their fur can get matted very quickly with their curls so regular grooming is needed for poodles which can be high maintenance although cos they don’t shed a lot they make perfect companions with people who have allergies. These dogs have they have a life span of up to 15 years and were originally bred as water dogs to retrieve fowl from the rivers.


  • very intelligent
  • love learning new things
  • loyal towards their family
  • don’t shed much great for people with allergies


  • cautious towards new people
  • fur can matt very easily without regular grooming
  • destructive if gets bored
  • lots of exercise needed
  • plenty of metal stimulation needed