Can dogs eat apples? Foods that are good for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Apples & is There Any Risk From Eating Them?

When it comes to feeding our dogs there are many different theories what we can and can’t give our dogs. Here at Pretty Pup, we’ll explain about feeding your dogs apples, can dogs eat apples, whether they are good for your dogs and is there any health benefits eating apples? How often they can have apples and the best way in which apples should be fed to your canine friend. Take a look at our blog and let’s answer everything you need to know about apples and dogs.

Can dogs eats apples?

can dogs eat applesThe answer is YES! dogs can eat apples, in fact, apples make an excellent healthy snack for your furry friend, they contain vitamins A, C and K, calcium and phosphorus. Apples antioxidants can help with joint care and prevent cancer. Apples are low in calories and protein but high in fibre which can help with digestion. Because apples are crunchy they have a health benefit of helping clean your dogs teeth and refreshing their breath. dogs can also eat all types of apples, red, green, sour or sweet if your dog likes all the different types of apples it’s completely safe.

How much apple can a dog eat? 

There is no exact answer to this question because each dog is different, but most people say one apple cut up into cubes or a few slices is perfectly fine to give to your pooch. A lot of the amount of what dogs can eat depends on their age, weight, height, and breed. if your thinking of changing your dog’s diet then it always best to speak to your veterinarian first or health nutritionist, who will be able to give you a plan and more advice on the amount you can healthy give your dog.

Are apples bad for dogs? 

like any food, its only good for us in moderation, the same applies with apples and dogs, eating too many is actually unhealthy for them, apples contain a high amount of natural sugar when overeaten and can cause weight gain, obesity and potentially diabetes. Too much apple can actually upset the dog’s stomach causing stomach pains and diarrhea.

Can dogs eat apple cores

The other thing you need to know when feeding you dog apples is that they can’t have the core and pips as they are not pet friendly,

the apple core – the core of an apple is very thick and tough, this could become a choking hazard for your dog or cause a blockage.

The seeds – the seeds in an apple contain cyanide, which once chewed release this toxic chemical, it does take a lot of seeds for this to be lethal for your dog so need to panic if they happen to eat a few but its not worths your fogs health so always make sure the seed are removed before serving to your dog!

if you notice your four-legged friends has swallowed an apple core keep an eye on them very closely, also make sure they are not choking on it and if they have swallowed it as they will appear to panic, look out for trying to put their paw in their mouth is a key sign.

How to prepare apples for dogs

There are many ways you can add apple into your dog’s diet here’s a list of different ways to try and experiment giving apples to your dog’s diet, always remember to wash as they can contain pesticides, peel and remove core and seeds before serving to your pooch.

  • slices or cubes – these make the perfect little snack for your dog, whether is training treats or you want to give them a healthy snack
  • freeze them- make a perfect treat to cool them down on a summers day
  • bake – there are some fantastic recipes that include apples to make a healthy dog treat
  • mush- mushing them up into an apple sauce and putting into kongs or puzzle toys keep your dog stimulated and makes them work for their food whilst being fun all at the same time
  • mix it – mixing apple into their normal food can add a sweet taste to their food which most dogs will enjoy
  • blend- blending fruits together to make a healthy smoothie, ( drink straight away, keep refrigerated and consume within 1 day)

don’t give your dog apple flavoured human food as these contain a lot of added sugars and artificial flavours which are not good for dogs, they can also contain xylitol which can be toxic for your pooch.

when feeding your dog new foods just like humans they can be allergic to them and have an allergic reaction, here are symptoms to look out for if your dog is having a reaction to the food:

  • itching
  • coughing
  • swelling
  • hives
  • breathing difficultues
  • saliva/drooling

if any of these symptoms appear, make sure to contact your veterinarian immediately.

Can puppies eat apples? 

Yes! puppies can eat apples but need supervision whilst eating if it’s their first time, do not overfeed them apples as it can cause an upset stomach, if you notice no problems after your pup has eaten apple then this can make a cost-effective healthy snack for you fur baby.

Here are a few of our favourites ways you can make treats for your dogs using apples

cinnamon apple homemade treats 

Apple cheddar Dog biscuits

pumpkin apple mint dog treats