Cavapoo, Caring and Maintenance of this Breed

Cavapoo Dog Breed & Ownership Advice

Dog breed information

A Cavapoo is a cross between two pure breeds also known as ‘designer dogs’, The cavapoo is a mix between the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a Poodle, just like the cockerpoo, they were first bred in America in the fifties but first appeared the UK in the nineties, ever since their popularity just keeps growing, making them one of the most popular dogs in the UK  In other countries, they are known as cavoodles.

They were originally bred to create a dog that was low shedding or hypoallergenic, this was so people who suffered from allergies were able to still own a dog, and it wasn’t long before people soon realised their sweet traits that have made the nation fall in love with these hybrid dogs.


Fun facts about the Cavapoo

  • One of the first ‘designer dogs’ created
  • Known as the fuzzy faced teddy bears
  • Most are hypoallergenic dogs making them perfect with people with allergies due to their low shedding
  • Smaller cousins of the cockapoo


Cavapoos appearance

When mixing two purebreds each cavapoo will be different no two dogs will be the same, there size shape and colour marking and coat will all be unique, this is down to the parents but also on what generation they are. Cavapoos are known for having sweet round faces with dark almond shape eyes giving them their kindness look, their ears are long and floppy and silky soft to touch. however, again depending on which breed they look more like depends on these features, and their traits.

Their coats come in a variety of colours and textures, from long and wavy to short and curly you never know what you’re going to get with each Cavapoo its a luck of the draw. Cavapoos are not yet recognised by kennel club but do have a club in the UK.

Cavapoos muzzle is fairly flat so can overheat fairly quickly in the hot heat, they are known as part of the brachycephalic group, meaning flat face, which can also make breathing difficult.

Size and life span

The average life expectancy of a Cavapoo is 12-15 years, by feeding them a quality dog food, as well as supplements and probiotics from an early age, will give your puppy the best start in life. By giving your dog regular exercise will also keep them fit and healthy.

The average Cavapoo typically weighs 5-11kg and stands around 30-43cm tall, however, this can vary massively as there are 3 types of poodles.



This breed is known for its sweet nature and kindness, these bundles of joys may be small but they offer a lot of personality, they sometimes, forget how small they are which can land them getting to trouble with other dogs. They are full of energy and very loyal to their owners, they love spending every minute they can with their family and love being involved in everything they do.

They are easy-going and very laid back which makes them very versatile when it comes to living arrangements, they are happy to live in an apartment as well as being in the countryside whatever you throw at them they adapt to their new lifestyle very well.

cockapoos are known for being very sensitive dogs and don’t take well to negative criticism, shouting and harsh training, these effects can reverse your dog making them very timid and shy. This breed loves nothing more than praise so by giving them positive reinforcement brings out the best in your pup.


Is a cavapoo a good family dog?

cavapooAbsolutely! these dogs make the perfect companion for families and first-time buyers, their loving personalities and sensitive side create a perfect atmosphere. They are kind, caring, and devoted.  Cavapoos are not known for showing aggression however all dogs should be supervised around young children.

It is important to start training your puppy as soon as you get them, this is so they become obedient and know who is the alpha of the family, if not trained and socialised properly from young these dogs can pick up behavioral problems very quickly. However, these dogs are intelligent and people pleasers so like to learn and impress their owners.


Are Cavapoos high energy?

Cavapoos have a lot of energy and like to be active, they need a lot of exercise and mental stability due  to keep them well rounded, they need owners who are able to give them the time for this on a daily basis. Teaching them new tricks mentally challenges and stimulates them due to their intelligence. walking keeps them fit and healthy, you do need to be careful with their weight as they are known for rapidly gaining weight if not enough exercise is given which leads us to the next question on food and diet.


Food and Diet

It is important to find the right food for your Cavapoo, but it’s not always easy deciding which is the correct type to feed them, after all, we only want the best four our dogs, with a balance of the right food, exercise and supplements your dog can live along and happy life. There are four main types of dog food to choose from:

  • Dry biscuits(Kibble)
  • Canned/wet food
  • Frozen
  • Semi-moist

You can always try a few different types of food out to see what they do and don’t like but ultimately depending on your lifestyle and how much time you have should depend on what you feed your Cavapoo, there’s no point cooking frozen food for them if you simply don’t have the time every day, dogs need consistency and a diet they can stick to, changing their food all the time can upset their stomach so find a routine that suits both of you.

You need to take into consideration any health problems your dog might have and also age and health play a big factor in the right food for you Cockapoo.

If you’re wanting more information on whats the best diet for your dog than its best to speak with your veterinarian, they will be able to give you the best plan on how much your dog should be eating and recommend what food is most suited for your Cavapoo.

When giving your dog snacks and treats remember to take it into account of their daily amount or reduce their amount of food, treats should not make up any more than 10% of their daily calorie intake. Snacks and treats can be high in calories and overfeeding your Cavapoo can lead to many health problems such as obesity.

Cavapoo are known for quickly putting on weight so you need to watch how much food and snacks you are giving them, make sure waste bin, and where food  is stored is secure. Ensure your dog has daily exercise to prevent rapid weight gain.


Are Cavapoos barkers?

Cavapoos are not known for being barkers, with the correct training and socialisng these dogs are actually pretty quiet. they get on well with other pets and are very well natured, however, if not mentally stimulated of having enough exercise they can use barking as a way to let you know, this can create bad behavior such as excessive barking but also lead to destructive behavior around the house.


Can Cavapoos be left alone?

The Cavapoos is extremely dependent on its owners, they are very loving and family-oriented, they love nothing more than being with people and being included in all the family activities, they hate being left out, however, no dog should be left on there on for long periods of time although some are more accepting to this than other breeds.

The Cavapoo does not like being left on its own, they get very obsessed with who they live with and crave time spent with family, this really does make the happy and content, when left for long periods of time on their own the Cavapoo can suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive. they are not suited for families who are out of the house for most of the day.


Care and Maintenance

Cavapoos need a lot of grooming, they are high maintenance when it comes to their coat, they need to be brushed on a regular basis to ensure their skin and coat is kept nice and healthy. Cavapoos fur is known for growing quickly so several professional trims a year are needed and also to make sure they don’t overheat in the hotter months.

brushing them on a regular basis also helps prevent the buildup of knots and matting. Some Cavapoos have more of a poodle coat so their hair is shorter and sheds less, however, they are still required to be brushed regularly and groomed professionally.

Regularly check cockapoo’s ears to make sure they don’t have a buildup of ear wax as they are prone to this. Ensure the inside of thier ears are dry and have no infections they are incredibly hard to clear up when they get infections. Because their ears are long air cannot circulate around the inner ear allowing moisture to build up making it the perfect breeding ground for yeast infections.


Cavapoos Health problems

unfortunately with any breed, they are known to have some hereditary health problems, As a pet owner, you only want what’s best for your pooch’s, but with the correct care, diet, and exercise some of these can possibly be reduced. Here is a list of the Cavapoo’s most common health problems.

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Luxating patella
  • eye problems
  • skin allergies
  • Epilepsy
  • Tracheal collapse
  • Congenital heart attacks


The Cavapoo makes a wonderful companion that is loyal and intelligent. By following the right steps, you and your pooch can lead a long, happy life together.

Now that we have provided as much information and advice on the Cavapoo we hope this helps you decide if this breed is the correct choice for you.