Dog Walks in Hampshire, Our Top 10 Favourite

Dog Walks in Hampshire, Out Top Picks

We have outlined our top 10 Hampshire dog walks so you don’t have to! thank us later!

Find great dog walks in Hampshire, Within this post we are going to look at dog walks in Hampshire and what we feel are our top 10 contenders whether they’re national trust or simply just tracks off the beaten trail which you guys will definitely enjoy.

10) New Forest

New forest is the perfect place to take your dog for a walk, there’s open landscapes, with scenic views and valleys leading down to streams this really is the picturesque walk you always wanted. there is a lot of wildlife in the forest but the best time to walk around here is autumn and winter, this is because livestock and most animals would have gone into hibernation by this point so your dog is able to roam the outdoors. If livestock is around when taking your pooch on walks in this area ensure they are on a lead at all times.  a walk to Huff duff takes you back to history as well as stunning views, Hale Purlieu uncovers the stunning valleys and Hightown takes you through ancient woods. These are just some of the walks New forest has to offer.

Postcode: SO43 7NY

9) Magdalen Hill Down

Magdalen Hill is a nature reserve that has several miles of butteries conservation. Not only butterflies it has a wide variety of wildlife to look out for such as moths and plants too. it also provides some history as well as in the second world war it was an american camp. Whilst on the trails there is always loads to see and take in and you certainly wont be dissapointed with the scenic views.

Postcode: SO21 1HD

8) Cheesefoot Head

Offering several walks from 2 miles or circular walk of up to 9 miles Cheesefoot Head offers  walks for all types of dogs.  This walk is best known for its large natural amphittheatre and beauty spot, it full of down land and you’ll enter lots of woodlands. The walk is very peaceful so if you want something where you unlikely to meet others than this is the perfect location. you will have to walk along some country roads for a short distance but with the roads relatively quiet this isn’t really an issue with dogs. Also with going through farm land ensure your dog is on a lead when entering these as livestock is around. The views are spectacular across South Downs way. there is a car park on the A272.

Postcode: SO21 1HW


7) Farley Mount country Park

Farely Mount Country park is a local nature reserve with 200 acres of open country and woods that has scenic views over central Hampshire. it has a famous monument that can be seen from many distant places especially when it sunny and it shines of the white building. Farley Mount is a hill which is one of the highest points in Hampshire, on top of the mount is a folly the monument which stands as a horse named ‘beware chalk pit’. There are plenty of car parks which are free so new routes with the dog can be done each time. There is also a lot of wildlife and flora to to spot.

Postcode: SO21 2JG

6) Hinton Ampner ( Dutton Estate walk)

Hinton Ampner offers a variety of routes around the estate, which ever season you visit you can see the most magnificent colours from the trees and flowers. This walk around Dutton estate is a 4 mile circular trail that takes you on down land with scenic views over the south downs take a moment to appreciate the Hampshire countryside. you’ll also go through ancient woodlands and farmland. On this walk your likely to see the many species of fauna and flora like the bluebells. Look out for the large house, this was the home of the last Dutton to own Hinton Ampner.

Postcode: SO24 0NH

5) Ludshott Commons

Enjoy the timeless landscapes here at Ludshott commons, its also known for some of the few remaining areas of lowland heath in Europe, with 700 acres of land to discover. this circular walk is 4 miles long and lets you explore woodlands, and heathland. Starting at Waggoners well car park you are quickly greeted with 3 man made ponds and a stream. look out for wildlife as its known for its rare species of birds and bats as well as other wildlife. whilst on the trails look at the scenic views Ludshott commons has to offer and your dog has plenty to sniff and see on this walk.

Postcode:  GU26 6JJ

4) Royal Victoria Country Park

Here at Royal Victoria Country park it has everything for your dog to see and explore, from grassy parkland, woodland areas stunning beaches, and ponds spread over 200 acres its no wonder its a popular dog walking destination. Not just for the dog there is stunning scenic views for you to admire. Take a look at the parks history with its remaining building of a chapel. The park has a lot of wildlife so look out for birds of prey, deers and other animals around the park as well as wild flowers and plants. get lost in the forests for hours with endless walks and trails to enjoy. Dogs are welcome to Victoria Country park all year round.

Postcode: S031 5GA

3) Old Winchester Hill

Old Winchester Hill is large open space in Winchester that offers exceptional views of its surrounding area. It is a popular area for dog walkers and non dog walkers, with dogs having plenty of space to play and run around. The place offers historical interest as well as being a national nature reserve with 150 miles to explore. Old Winchester Hill has a lot of nature and the views from beacon Hill and down to the sea are breathtaking.

Postcode: SO32 3NQ

2) Hawley Woods

Hawley Woods offers a variety of walks, if you want quite a short walk then there’s a circular one that takes you around the pond which usually takes about 45 minutes, whilst taking in all the beautiful scenery as well as the ducks in the pond, however feeling a bit more adventurous and want to go a bit further then go off track on the hilly forest trails and explore the woods even more. Dogs can go off lead but just be aware there is cattle in some areas.  Hawley woods is a lovely peaceful spot with a lot of water wildlife to be seen. There is free parking at the sail training centre and this is where you start the beginning of the walk.

Postcode: GU17 9LP



1) Highcliffe Castle

Highcliffe castle is a lovely place to take your dog for a walk, there are some areas which are restricted but there is plenty of areas for your pooch to run around and enjoy themselves. Explore the woods, a dog friendly beach and stop of for refreshments at the cafe. You can make the walks as long or short as you want so ideal for all kinds of dogs. Short walks in the grounds or add the woods as additional to make it that bit longer. The woods offer some beautiful trees and wildflowers. The Beaches are sandy so pleasant to walk along. This rural location can become quite busy but don’t let this put you off as the views are worth seeing.

Postcode: BH23 4LE



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