Dog walks in Kent

Dog Walks in Kent, Our Top 10 Favourites

Dog walks in Kent, take a look through our top 10 dog walks to go on in Kent and its surroundings. Hand picked by us here at Pretty Pup! Read our blogs today.

Find great dog walks in Kent, Pretty Pup has put together a post where we are going to look at dog walks in Kent and what we feel are out top 10 contenders, whether they’re national trust or simply just tracks of trail, were sure you guys will love them.

10) Palm Bay, Margate

Palm bay is a dog friendly sand beach, the beach is also not far from Margate town Centre and is between Walpole and Botany Bay. This beach is known best for its dog walking so expect to see a few other dog walkers and pooches around. A walk along palm pay is refreshing and the perfect playground for dogs to run around, with beautiful surroundings there is miles of coastline to be seen. There is a car park close by which also offers free parking.
dogs are permitted on the beaches with restrictions in place between the 1st may- 30th September.
Postcode: CT9 3PP

9) Dumpton Gap

Dumpton Gap beach is a lovely scenic beach that allows dogs all year round, it is between the towns of Ramsgate and Broadstairs. when the tide is out the quiet beach is perfect for letting your dogs run around exploring the beach. This is also a popular area for dog walking, its about a 2.5 mile walk between Ramsgate and Broadstairs via Dumpton Gap however check the tide as the beach disappears at high tide.

This route has many different surfaces so make sure your wearing correct clothing for the walk. There is also plenty of pools around so perfect if you fancy a bit of rock pooling whist your here.

Postcode: CT10 1TA


8) Reculver Country Park

Reculver country Park is situated on the north coast between Herne Bay and and Margate, it has an amazing 50 acres of open grass land, undeveloped coast and cliffs to explore. The park has views of some of the clearest water in the south east and fantastic history to look at. The shoreline is pebbled and there is always something to look at whether its the stunning views or wildlife. Inside the park there is a visitor center that advise some routes they recommend. the park is dog friendly and has plenty of space for your dog to run around and let of some steam

Postcode: CT6 6SU



7) Kings Wood

Kings woods offers some outstanding natural beauty, and is one of the largest woods in Kent. It is a very popular area for walkers and dog walkers and its not hard to see why, the views and and surroundings are beautiful with flowers and wildlife to be seen throughout your journey . There is plenty of routes you can take as the woodlands offers 1.500 acres of forest. This area is perfect for dogs as there is exceptional room for running around. Be careful when walking around there is alot of wildlife and the terrain can be uneven so ensure appropriate footwear and clothing is worn.

Postcode: TN25 4AP


6) Pegwell Bay

Pegwell bay is a National nature reserve with a lot to offer, it is Kent’s largest wildlife reserve, perfect for those who also have an interest in birds. not only birds there is also a lot of other wildlife to be seen here, the bay is considered a nature reserve of international importance. Pegwell Bay is a sand beach so perfect for your pooch’s to run around, the surrounding area is beautiful with cliffs of Ramgate¬† and the historic towns of Sandwich and Deal which are also worth a look around. very peaceful area to enjoy.

Postcode: CT12 5JB


5) St Margaret’s Bay

St Margarets Bay is sat on the Saxon Shore Way. it is a shingle/pebble beach with lots of rockpools to explore, it is a quiet beach but popular for dog walker with its stunning views of the white cliffs and picturesque setting. A quick walk up to the top if the cliffs and there is an extended route of 4.7 miles along the St Margaret’s Bay Walk if you want to go that little bit further which has to offer the stunning and historic south Foreland lighthouse which we recommend is worth the walk.



4) Charles Dickens Walk

Charles Dickens walk offers a lot of features and charm, it is a circular walk about 6.6 miles long perfect if your wanting to go that little bit further with your dog, there is a car park which is Higham train station (where the start of the walk is) and would recommend to leave a few hours to complete the walk. Ensure appropriate footwear is worn as their is a mix of terrains and can sometimes get quite muddy. There is beautiful landscapes to see on this walk and plenty of space for your dogs to run around. This walk is what inspired dickens opening to great expectations. If you need to stop whilst on route there is also a pub where you can stop to appreciate the stunning views and pretty wilderness.

Postcode : ME3 7JQ

3) Riverside Country Park

Riverside Country Park is a popular walk for dog walkers and its easy to see why, this is a pretty nature reserve that offers 250 acres of open land and situated alongside the Medway River, plenty of run around space for your dogs. Being close to the river you get to see a lot of wildlife. The Park offers salt marsh, open ponds, and grassland. There are many walk routes at Riverside Country Park so if the weather isn’t great to be put off as there are some routes which the pathways are on solid ground. You can make the walks as long or short as you want as there is a lot of land to explore.

Postcode: ME7 2XH

2) Scotney castle

Dogs are more than welcome at Scotney Castle however they must be kept on a lead at all times, they are not allowed in side the house but there plenty of walk they offer within there 780 acres such as the gardens, shop and estate. Another reason dogs must be kept on leads is due to their wildlife such as their famous cattle. The castle offers some scenic views and colorful landscape to admire and is definitely worth a look around, however if your looking for somewhere your dog can roam free then they offer their woodland sites Sprivers and Nap Wood which are beautiful tranquil woodlands with some fantastic wildlife and flowers.

Postcode: TN3 8JN


1) Ightham Mote

Dog walks in KentIghtam Mote has some outstanding natural beauty to be seen, although dogs are not permitted in the gardens, house and shop they are allowed around the rest of the estate as well as the woodland (500 acres), there is some lovely walks to explore with your four legged friend. Plenty of countryside and landscape with some stunning views. You can choose if you want a short gentle walk to longer walk which are a bit more difficult with climbs but the views are breathtaking  There is also a lot of livestock and wildlife so ensure dogs are under control and on leads at appropriate times.

Postcode: TN15 0NT



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