Dog Walks in London, Our Top Favourite!

Dog walks in London, Our Top picks

Find great dog walks in London, within this post we are going to look at dog walks in London and have selected our top 10 contenders, from  woodland walks to open green space were sure you guys are going to love them.

10) Battersea Park

Battersea park is a Victorian park which offers 200 acres to explore, in the park there is many of fun activities to do making it a fun day out for the whole family, there are plenty of pathways for you to take your dog whilst enjoying the beautiful woodlands, lakes and Nature spots. The park is full of history and culture, such as the bandstand and the Peace Pergola. Make sure you check that the areas you walk are designated for dogs and areas where dogs must be on leads you use correctly.

9) Victoria Park

Victoria park is an important historic park to London, its the oldest public park in London and attracts millions of visitors every year and it easy to see why, with 213 acres of open space there is more than enough trails to discover for you and your fury friend. offering canal paths, lakes, green space, and beautiful flowers and trees. the park is open from 7am till dusk and open 365 days a year. The park is the largest and most popular green space in east London.

8) Crystal Palace Park

Crystal palace park is a grade II listed park with 200 acres to discover. The park is home to a number of important natural and built heritage features, and is filled with endless fun for pooches. Go on the Jurassic quest and find the dinosaurs located around the park that are grade 1 listed statues built in 1850 or get lost in one of the country’s biggest mazes see, if you can find your way out of the 160 feet maze. however if your wanting something a bit more relaxed and peaceful then choose from many of its paths and let your dog run around the park.

7) Richmond Park

Richmond park is the largest enclosed space in London, and a National Nature Reserve, the park is a top UK site for its ancient trees, wildlife such as rare species including fungi, birds, beetles and bats as well as grass and wildflowers and is just on the outside of central London. It has many architectural buildings and historic interest. One of the most beautiful places to walk is Isabelle Plantation its 40 acre of woodland best known for its stunning evergreen azaleas, as well as many other rare and unusual trees and plants. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times but if your dog doesn’t mind being on a lead this walk is a must see in Richmond park.

6) Alexandra Palace and Park

Alexandra palace and park is in north London and has 196 acres of Grade II listed English heritage parkland. Get away from the crowds of London and see some truly picturesque views from this park, this really is a dog walk with a view.  You can see London skyline from Canary Wharf to st Paul cathedral as well as the shard. There is plenty of space for you and your pooch to roam with a  mixture of woodland and open grassland as well as a boating lake.


5) Hyde Park

This is London’s most famous park, and is one of the eight Royal Parks, it is right in the heart of London and has 350 acres to discover. Hypde park is very busy but serves a huge green haven in central London so it no wonder people visit, yet there’s still places it feels tranquil and you can enjoy the views. Hyde Park has numerous of landmarks which are worth seeing such as Princess of wales memorial fountain and serpentine lake. The park really is a perfect place to let your dog explore or chase a balls with all the green space available, plus you are never short of other dogs to play with, and the scenery of Hyde park has a lot to offer. London has lots of hidden gems to be discovered.

4) Modern Hall Park

Modern Hall Park is a National Trust in south London and has 120 acres of parkland to explore, with lots to see for you and your fury friend. The south park is the best place for walking dogs as it has wide open spaces, follow the paths for numerous of dog walks and look out for the gorgeous wild flowers. The Rose garden is worth exploring whilst visiting too with its 2 and half acres of scented roses and stunning colours.

3) Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is an ancient London heath with 790 acres off grassy space, its just four miles from Trafalgar square so ideal if you want to escape the city life for a few hours and feel like your in the countryside, with plenty of woodlands, hills and meadows its easy to see why you walk your dog here. Its home to a lot of wildlife at Hamsptead Heath as well as many beautiful wild flowers. there is also some scenic views, especially to the top of Parliament Hill where you can see across the city. Hamsptead Heath is open 365 days a year so open for you to enjoy anytime of the year.


2) Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park is perfect for your dog to stretch its legs and go for long walks, with a mix of open space, formal gardens, woodland and a lake there’s plenty of things to sniff and see for your pooch. a popular walk for dog walkers is a 4.5 mile disused railway line which has been changed to a footpath ‘the parkland walk’. Finsbury Park offers tranquility as well as getting  to enjoy the green environment. Its Londons longest nature reserve and has a lot of wildlife. Over 200 species of wild flower have been recorded.


1) Epping Forest

If your looking for plenty of space for your dog to run around then look no further Epping Forest has it all, with 5,930 acres of open space your dog can certainly roam around. Epping Forest is Londons Largest open space and stretches from Essex to London and offers ancient woodland, 100 lakes and ponds, grasslands and heath. there is so much to do here you’ll never get bored and you’ll always find new trails and walks. For recommended walks go to its four visitor centers for more information. There is also 52 car parks along the forest which many of them are free.


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