Four Ways to Create a Funny Dog Bandana

What’s not to love about a dog bandana? They’re so versatile and show off your pooch’s personality perfectly. Using prints, colors, and messages that highlight your dog’s name or favorite things, you can create a fun accessory that will keep them looking fresh and cool.

We’ve already got some top tips on how you can create your own DIY dog bandana. But if you’re looking for ways on how to add some laughter and humor to your design, or need some inspiration on how to personalize one of our Pretty Pup dog bandanas, then check out our top four ideas below…


Upload a funny photo

Have you caught your pet getting up to something they shouldn’t have been on camera? Or did you snap that once-in-a-lifetime shot that you whack out to show everyone as soon as you meet them? Why hide it away on your smartphone or camera – stick it on your dog bandana for the whole world to see! It’ll make a solid talking point during walkies and you never know, you might even make some new doggie friends.

If you’ve made your own doggie bandana, you could take your chosen photo to a local printing shop to get the image printed onto the fabric. Or you can leave it with Pretty Pup and we’ll do the hard work for you. Simply choose the bandana design you like best, upload your favorite photo and leave it to use to personalize. It couldn’t be easier.


Go on, tell us a joke…

Everyone’s got their favorite go-to joke. This is ours:

What do dogs eat for breakfast?

…Pooched eggs!

Okay, we’re sure you can do FAR better than that, so fashion your funniest joke on your dog bandana and see how many laughs you can get. It will be even funnier because fellow dog owners won’t be expecting it – it’s not exactly something you see every day when going for your daily walkies!

You can add your witty gag on your personalized dog bandana instead of an address or your dog’s name, especially if you’ve got a tag on your dog’s collar that already does the important job. To get your joke on the bandana, you could try stitching it with some multi-colored thread or use glitter fabric pens to add a touch of sparkle. You could even give the applique technique a go. Cut out some letters using a fabric in a different print or color, then stitch or glue them onto your dog bandana. Easy!


Create a novelty gift for your dog’s best friend

Your dog bandana doesn’t just have to be for your own pet – you can create a funny novelty gift for your dog’s best friend, too. Snap a pic of the two of them having fun together (the wilder the better) and upload it onto your favourite fabric to give on a birthday or anniversary. Carry the fun on with some novelty wrapping paper – and why not create a personalized card to go with it? We bet your pet’s pal will love it!

If you have more than one pet pooch, you could do the same so that your pets have matching dog bandanas. That way other dog walkers will be able to tell that they come in a pair or group, and if they get separated or go missing will be able to spot them a lot more easily. See – funny and functional!


Choose a novelty fabric to create your dog bandana from

Take the hassle out of creating a funny dog bandana and choose a statement fabric that will do all the talking. Does your dog hate cats? Then look for a fabric with a feline print that will really turn heads. You can get fabrics with pretty much any print these days – just have a look around online and you’re bound to find something that will suit your pooch perfectly. 

Creating a dog bandana is easy, and you don’t even need to do any sewing. We’ve got some great hints and tips here on how to create a dog bandana in 10 minutes here [link to DIY dog bandana blog], but if you’re looking for a quick run-down then follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a measuring tape and measure the part of your dog’s neck where you want the bandana to sit, adding an extra 4cm to the measurement.
  2. Lay your fabric out on a table or flat surface and fold it into a triangle shape.
  3. Cut along the fold line.
  4. Take your bandana with the triangles in either hand and place them around your dog’s neck.
  5. Twist the ends together and then tie them up using an elastic band. Wrap the elastic around the ends a few times so the bandana is secure and will stay in place. 


So there you have it; our top four ways on how to inject a bit of humor and personality into your pet’s dog bandana. All our ideas are honestly so simple and don’t take a lot of time, so if you’re feeling inspired then give them a go-to see what you can come up with. A dog bandana is so versatile and there’s so much you can do with them, so whatever your dog’s personality show it off in style!

We can also help you create your perfect personalized dog bandana at Pretty Pup. With a range of styles, colors, and prints, there’s bound to be something to suit your pet. You can upload photos, graphics or text to create a dog bandana that will suit your needs, whether you wish to make a fashion statement, or to warn strangers of any allergies or behavioral problems. 

If you’ve had a go at creating a funny dog bandana then we’d love to see it. Tag us in your pictures on Instagram @prettypupco for the chance to be featured on our page. Or feel free to drop us a message to share your creations with us.

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