How to Personalize Your DIY Dog Bandana

We all know about customizable dog collars, but have you considered dressing your pooch in a dog bandana yet? Comfortable, cool and tonnes of fun – what’s not to love?! No seriously, a dog bandana is a fantastic way to show off your pet’s personality through stylish prints and messages, and they can also be used to highlight anything you need strangers or people looking after your dog needs to know – for example, if they can’t be given certain foods or have behavioral issues.

At Pretty Pup, we specialize in creating personalized dog bandanas that you and your pet will love, but if you fancy rolling up your sleeves, putting on your artistic hat and getting creative yourself, then we’ve got some great tips and ideas on how you could perfect your own DIY dog bandana. To get started all you need is a few glitter pens, needle and thread, and your chosen letter templates to create a bespoke message. Ready? So are we…


Use your dog bandana as a sketch pad

Feeling artistic? Then grab some fabric pens and try drawing something fun straight onto the fabric of your dog bandana. You could try drawing a portrait of your pup, drawing their favorite food or even their best friend. You could even try drawing onto a thin piece of tracing paper first to perfect your design, then once you’re happy to draw around it and onto the fabric with a thick fabric pen so that the ink sinks through onto the fabric. You can get fabric pens in lots of different colors so don’t feel like you have to stick to black – the options are endless!

Fabric pens are a great option as they’re machine washable, so won’t run or fade when you put your dog bandana in the wash. If your pooch likes getting dirty in the mud, then don’t worry! Your design won’t be ruined with a little attention and care. 


Whack out the glitter pens 

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle to add a bit of glitz and glam to your favorite accessories. You can find glitter pens from any local DIY or fabric store in pretty much any color you can think of. And the best bit is once you’re done, your finished design will be completely unique. Once you’ve chosen the fabric for your dog bandana and have followed our handy instructions on how you can make your own here, it’s time to get crafty and customize the design to suit your pooch’s personality. If you’ve followed the step above, then you could color in your drawing with a glitter pen to really make it stand out.

Many glitter gel pens come with a thick consistency so you can color in your drawings or letter outline with both color and glitter. Otherwise, pick up a clear glitter gel pen so your design only sparkles when the sun hits it. This is a great option for male dogs. 


Stencil it out

If you’re a bit nervous about your artistic ability or don’t want to leave anything to chance (it’s so easy to make a mistake if you’re concentrating too hard!) then pick up a stencil from your local craft store and draw something out! You can pick up all sorts of great designs, from shapes and intricate patterns to simple letters that you can use to write something fun. You can use fabric pens, glitter pens or even fabric paint. If you can’t find fabric paint, then opt for acrylic as it’s a great alternative. 

If you’re using your dog bandana to warn strangers or maybe even dog walkers about certain allergies or behavioral traits that may at first cause some concern, then this is the perfect way to get your important message across in a fun and stylish way. Choose a beautiful font and trace the letters using your favorite fabric pens. 


Needle and thread

One of the oldest tricks in the book, why not try bringing your design to life through stitch work? Out of all the ideas on our list, it’s probably the trickiest to do but it will also last the longest if done properly. It also means that your dog bandana can be washed in the washing machine on a cool cycle, too. You don’t need very much to make this a success – just a needle, a roll of thread in your chosen color, and a bit of patience and perseverance. 

If you’re new to sewing, then start simple with a basic running stitch on a spare piece of fabric to practice first. There are loads of great YouTube tutorials around that can help you master the basics, and then once you’ve got the hang of your stitch, you can go for something a little more difficult to really bring your personalized dog bandana to life. For the masters among you – let your imagination and skills run wild! 

So there you have it: four easy ideas on how you can personalize your dog bandana to add fun, personality and unique touch to their new favorite accessory. Personalizing your dog bandana should be a fun experience and it shouldn’t be too expensive either, so pick up the essentials from your local craft store (or try borrowing some bits and bobs if you have crafty friends) and let your imagination run away with you. 

If you need some help creating the perfect dog bandana then get in touch with us at Pretty Pup as we can help. We’ve got loads of styles, colors, and prints available that are fully customizable, so whatever you have in mind we will have something to suit you and your pooch. Whether you wish to upload an image or logo, we can do that too!

If you’ve had a go at creating your very own personalized dog bandana then we’d love to see it. Tag us in your pictures on Instagram @prettypupco for the chance to be featured on our page. Or feel free to drop us a message to share your creations with us.  



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