Rescue Dogs- Dogs For Adoption and Re homing

Rescue Dogs – The benefits of Re-Homing A Dog

So your thinking of getting a dog but have you ever considered a rescue dog? We all know the famous saying ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ yet all too much we still see this happening over and over again, people buying dogs and with small circumstances changing people lifestyles can no longer look after their pooch. When buying a dog you need to make sure this is right for you, can you afford the extra cost of a dog to your living wage? dogs aren’t cheap and can be quite costly with monthly expenses of food, insurance, and toys each month. Buying a dog you’re taking on this lifetime commitment no matter what, your furry friend is just as part of the family as any other member, there is no bigger trust and friendship between a dog a human! A pup’s becomes very loyal to their owners. Before you decide to buy a dog we look at why adopting and rehoming is an option and the rewarding side of rescuing a dog.

Dog Shelter

If your in that lucky position where you’re buying a dog, then think about dog shelters before buying from a breeder, yes a breeder can be more appealing as you have paperwork and they’ve come from home but think about rescue dogs and giving these dog a second chance. People say once you’ve adopted you’ll forever rehome. A benefit to rehoming is it so rewarding, you are giving dogs another chance that is vulnerable and feeling wanted again, not only that but it also helps cut down puppy farms and back street breeders and slowing down breeders as these dogs are no longer as popular or in demand.

Benefits of rehoming: 

  • Variety of dogs to choose from
  • They can be healthier than pure breeds
  • Rewarding
  • They are microchipped, vaccinated wormed and usually neutered
  • Advice for life
  • Gain a best friend

when you visit a dog shelter you will see a huge variety on breeds of dogs, you see everything from little to large, quiet and loud, fluffy to trimmed and everything from designer dogs to mutts, it’s best keeping an open mind to what you’re looking for and as the saying goes the dogs picks you!….. Nevertheless, the staff at dog shelters do an amazing job in getting a plan together to find you your perfect dog, they look at your lifestyle and find you a dog that would fit into your life.

All the dogs are healthy from a rescue center you know they’ve been checked over by a veterinarian and har carried out treatment if it’s been needed, all pooches have up to date vaccinations, worming and fleeing, they are usually always neutered too. They are also given an individual plan depending on their needs. as we’ve seen numerous times from breeders, they can be over bred, occur many health problems and not looked after in the best conditions(these are more your puppy farms)

The amazing thing when buying a dog from a dog shelter is if your feeling overwhelmed by something or just need some advice on what to do then its never the end from your dog shelter, most will give advice for life and if you ever need them you can just pick up the phone and they will help you whenever you need it.

Rehome a dog

Rehoming a dog can be a scary prospect as many of the dogs you don’t know anything about their history, you don’t know whats happened to them in the past of if they have any triggers but there are a few things you can do as soon as you get you new rescue dog,

  • Start training early – Rescue dogs can have undesirable behaviors they’ve picked up throughout there life
  • Socialising – some rescue dogs struggle around other animals and people


ver, this again is where the staff do a fantastic job on finding you your perfect dog, if the dog isn’t great around children, other dogs, or scared of socialising then they’re not going to send a family home with a dog that doesn’t like children, they find each dog needs and how they cope in situations and find each dog the perfect owner.

If you get rejected from a dog you’ve applied for don’t give up (for example you live in a flat apartment but the dogs need a lot of space and walking) it just means this dog hasn’t met the requirements for your home, take your time when choosing a dog, remember this is a lifetime commitment.

How to look after a dog

Dogs take up a lot of our time and need a lot of commitment from us, not only that they can be expensive, medical emergencies ( This is why it’s always important to have insurance) food, toys, collar, bedding, etc you need to ensure you can cover all of this with your living wage? Before bringing a dog home you need to make sure you have the following:

  • Dog bed
  • Dog food
  • Collar/ harness
  • Grooming
  • Dog insurance
  • Fleeing/worming

Dogs need a lot of your time and attention and taking on a dog means responsibilities and commitment, I know it seems basic on how to look after your dog but there are regular necessities your dog needs:

  • Walking once/twice a day
  • Regular grooming
  •  Nails cutting
  • Fleeing and worming
  • Mental stimulation/ attention to prevent them from becoming bored and prevent health problems further down the line.

You can give so much hope and love back to a vulnerable dog and show that it can have a second chance at life, yes it can be challenging sometimes, but you can guarantee your four-legged friend will be forever grateful and the love you will receive from your dog will be unconditional. Dogs are very loyal animals and love to please their owners and are always looking at what they can do next to please us! If you haven’t discovered walking through the door and your dog seeing you? you’ll soon understand what we mean!! We hope this blog helps you when it comes to buying your fur baby and hope that you can see the benefits that we see when it comes to rescuing dogs.