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Bernese Mountain Dog- Breed Information & Advice

Everything You Need To Know About the Bernese Mountain Dog – the Complete Guide   The Bernese Mountain Dog is a stunning canine breed. It’s …

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Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees, All You Need To Know, Care Guide

Learn All You Need to Know About the Great Pyrenees – Ultimate Owner’s Care Guide and Tips   The Great Pyrenees is one of the …

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The Owners Guide to Buying a Yorkipoo

The Owners Guide to Buying a Yorkipoo – Care Tips and Advice You Need to Know   The Yorkipoo is a designer dog and a …

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husky dog breed

Husky Dog Breed, Should I Get a Husky? Are They Good Pets?

Husky Care – Tips and Advice for Dog Owners   The husky is one of the most recognisable dog breeds. They will sometimes be referred …

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Cavapoo, Caring and Maintenance of this Breed

Cavapoo Dog Breed & Ownership Advice Dog breed information A Cavapoo is a cross between two pure breeds also known as ‘designer dogs’, The cavapoo …

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Cockapoo – Care Tips & Advice Guide

Cockapoo Care Tips and Advice Guide   The Cockapoo is one of the first designer dogs. They’re bred from Cocker Spaniels and Poodles, meaning their …

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Beagle – Owners Guide For Beagle Buying

Beagle Dog Breed Dog breed information and advice The Beagle is a small to medium size dog, with a short glossy coat, they are very …

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Cocker Spaniel- Highlights and Buying Advice

Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed Information, facts, and advice before buying a cocker spaniel The cocker spaniel is a medium-sized dog, that makes a popular choice …

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu – Expert Dog Owner Tips on This Dog Breed

Expert Dog Owner Tips on How to Care for Your Shih Tzu Once treated like royalty in its native China, little has changed for the …

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German Shepherd – Learn About This Beautiful Breed

German Shepherd Breed Everything you need to know about the German Shepherd German shepherds are probably one of the most loyal dogs, they are extremely …

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French Bulldog Breed, Information, Advice & More!

French Bulldog Breed Dog breed information, facts, and advice The French Bulldog is related to the American bulldog and English bulldog, however, the French Bulldog …

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Pomeranian Dog Breed – Advice and Facts, What You Need to Know

Pomeranian Dog Breed Advice and facts about Pomeranians The Pomeranian is the smallest member of the Spitz family, this dog may be small but they …

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Pug Dog Breed – Information, Facts and Buying Advice

Pug Dog Breed Pugs are one of the oldest breeds found dated back to 400bc, they were known for being royal dogs in china and …

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Rottweiler Dog Breed – Information You Need to Know Before Buying

Rottweiler Dog Breed Rottweiler Physical Characteristics The Rottweiler is a large strong dog that was originally used to herd livestock and pulling carts for butchers, …

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Golden Retriever Dog Breed, Facts & Information

Golden Retriever Dog Breed Tips  and advice for their owners! Golden retrievers are one of the nation’s favourite family pets and it’s easy to see …

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Cavapoochon Dog Breed, Everything You need To Know

Cavapoochon Dog Breed Cavapoochon Care – Tips and Advice for Dog Owners With trademark curly hair, adorable puppy eyes and floppy ears, it’s easy to …

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Rescue Dogs- Dogs For Adoption and Re homing

Rescue Dogs – The benefits of Re-Homing A Dog So your thinking of getting a dog but have you ever considered a rescue dog? We …

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Best Family Dogs- 10 Dogs Which Are Family Friendly

Best Family Dogs -Choosing The Right Dog For Your Family what are the best family dogs? you’re wanting to complete the family, so what does …

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Can Dogs eat popcorn? Is it safe for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn & Is It Safe For My Dog   Its a Saturday night, and you’re watching your favourite film, the snacks are …

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Brachycephalic dogs – What you need to know before buying

Brachycephalic Dogs- The Health Problems that Occur snorty, burpy, sneezy cute bundles of fluff, with their squidgy little faces and rolls of excess skin what …

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Can dogs eat grapes? Why Grapes Are Bad For Your Dog

Can Dogs Eat Grapes? The Reason They’re Not Safe For Dogs Easter is soon approaching and we all like self-indulging, why not there’s so much …

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Can dogs eat apples? Foods that are good for dogs

Can Dogs Eat Apples & is There Any Risk From Eating Them? When it comes to feeding our dogs there are many different theories what …

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Puppy teeth – The guide on teething and how long it lasts

Puppy Teeth- The facts about Milk Teeth and When They Fall Out puppies are just like humans when it comes to teeth, their ‘puppy teeth’ …

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Can dogs eat bananas? Are they safe for our dogs

Can Dogs Eat Bananas & Is it Okay For them? Dogs go bananas for human food, whenever were rustling something up we can guarantee they’ll …

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