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Dog has hernia – The 5 types of hernias found in dogs

Dog Has Hernia – Types of hernias and Getting Treatment For Your Dog Hernias are common in dogs especially with puppies, they are mostly born …

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Why does my dog stare at me? Understanding your dogs stare

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me & The Reasons Behind It Your minding your own business and then the next minute you have that …

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Separation anxiety in dogs & what is separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs & How To Detect It We all know dogs are mans best friend, our little shadows, that literally follow us everywhere …

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False pregnancy in dogs – Helping your dog through a phantom pregnancy

False Pregnancy in Dogs, How to Tell if Your Dog is Having A Phantom Pregnancy False pregnancies in dogs or phantom pregnancies can be very …

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Can dogs eat eggs & Are Eggs Good For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? How Should They Eat Them We are all guilty of feeding our dogs snacks, your making yourself a quick bite to …

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Dog eye ulcer & what causes them

Dog Eye Ulcer – Symptoms, Treatment and How to Recognise Ulcers Dog corneal eye ulcers are the 3rd most common eye problem that dogs suffer …

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Can dogs eat carrots? Are carrots good for our dogs

Can Dogs Eat Carrots and How Much Can They Have? When It comes to feeding our dogs there are many different theories what we can …

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Dog Smegma & How To Handle It With Your Dog

Dog Smegma isn’t something that’s commonly talked about, and it often instals a sense of embarrassment in dog owners who aren’t familiar with the symptoms. …

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How Long Should a Dog’s Nails Be?

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a dog’s nails can grow? One minute they’re freshly trimmed, the next they’re like little witches fingers… Okay, perhaps a …

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Dogs Anal Glands, How Do i Empty Them?

Dogs Anal Glands & How to Empty Them Possibly one of the most unpleasant subjects in the canine world, emptying a dogs anal glands isn’t …

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Dog walks in Suffolk. Our Favourites

Dog Walks in Suffolk, Our top picks We have outlined our top 10 Suffolk dog walks so you don’t have to! Thank us later! Find …

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Dog Walks in Hampshire, Our Top 10 Favourite

Dog Walks in Hampshire, Out Top Picks We have outlined our top 10 Hampshire dog walks so you don’t have to! thank us later! Find …

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How to Personalize Your DIY Dog Bandana

We all know about customizable dog collars, but have you considered dressing your pooch in a dog bandana yet? Comfortable, cool and tonnes of fun – …

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Cooling Neckerchief for Dogs

When the weather is hot, some dog breeds will be affected. When the temperature hits 80 degrees, your dog will be vulnerable to heatstroke which …

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Designer Dog Neckerchief

Your dog will look stylish with a designer dog neckerchief. Protect your dog from cold and hot weather with a designer neckerchief. You’d either have …

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Dog Walks in London, Our Top Favourite!

Dog walks in London, Our Top picks Find great dog walks in London, within this post we are going to look at dog walks in …

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dog walks in norfolk

Dog Walks in Norfolk, Our favourites!

Dog walks in Norfolk, Our Top Picks Find great dog walks in Norfolk, within this post we are going to look at dog walks in …

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Dog walks in Kent

Dog Walks in Kent, Our Top 10 Favourites

Dog walks in Kent, take a look through our top 10 dog walks to go on in Kent and its surroundings. Hand picked by us …

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Four Ways to Create a Funny Dog Bandana

What’s not to love about a dog bandana? They’re so versatile and show off your pooch’s personality perfectly. Using prints, colors, and messages that highlight …

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How to Make Your Own Dog Bandana

If you want to liven up or add some color to your dog’s collar, a dog bandana is a great way for your pet to …

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dog walks in leicestershire

Dog Walks In Leicestershire, Top 10

Dog Walks in Leicestershire, Our Favourites Who doesn’t love spending a sunny afternoon exploring with their dog? Below are our top 10 Dog Walks in …

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dog walks in nottingham

Dog Walks in Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

Dog Walks In Nottingham, Our 10 Favourites One thing we love here at Pretty Pup is taking the hassle out of finding great places to …

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Introduction to Dog Bandanas

Introduction to dog bandanas A dog bandana is a square or rectangular cloth that is attached or tied on a dog’s neck to enhance physical …

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Dog Walks Lincolnshire

Dog Walks in Lincolnshire. Our Favourites!

  Dog Walks in Lincolnshire, Our Top Picks We have outlined our top 10 Lincolnshire dog walks so you don’t have to! thank us later! …

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