Caffe Nero Dog Friendly Cafe

Caffe Nero Dog Friendly, Cafe Nero Dog Policy

Caffe Nero Dog Friendly

Winner when it comes to our coffee fix thanks to Caffe Nero Dog Policy.


The things people love most about having their furry companion around is the ability to take them for a walk and go for a drink, some want a pub which we have the perfect website for dog friendly pubs, others want… coffee, and in this situation now we know Caffe Nero Dog Friendly Cafe they are most definitely our coffee shop of choice.

While we write this we must add that this probably doesn’t cater for every Caffe Nero store so please check with your nearest outlet before walking in with your dog or alternatively, sit outside and enjoy the weather with them.

Their Dog Policy

While Caffe Nero does not have a full fledged dog policy they did post this statement on their social media with regards to dogs on their premises.

“Although we don’t have an official policy on this, there are no health and safety laws which prevent us allowing dogs in to our stores. We do prefer not to have them in stores wherever possible and would not encourage this, however, it is nota requirement that we enforce upon the stores, and tends to depend on the history of a store. In other words, it is at the discretion of the individual manager. We don’t want to upset any of our customers, and I can understand why it could offend some of our customers. 
We need to make sure that if we allow dogs on the premises, we then manage how they behave in the store, and this is something that we try to ensure always happens in our stores. I hope this clears things up. Thanks for your email. Stephen”

We know, the above doesn’t sound as welcoming as it should, but for those of us who adore our dogs it is definitely better than 100% rejection before you have even walked into the door!

One thing we do know if you do find that Caffe Nero in your local area isn’t actually dog friendly we can guarantee that one of your lovely local high street coffee shops will be.

Given experience (and having ran one myself) they are far more welcoming to our pretty pups and are definitely more likely to welcome you into their premises.

What are your thoughts on this subject? do you think dogs should be allowed in coffee shops/cafe’s? let us know in the comments below!

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