Dog Walks Lincolnshire

Dog Walks in Lincolnshire. Our Favourites!


Dog Walks in Lincolnshire, Our Top Picks

We have outlined our top 10 Lincolnshire dog walks so you don’t have to! thank us later!

Finding great dog walks in Lincolnshire has always been one of the struggles that dog owners face. With being from Lincolnshire it seemed best that we made our start right here in our home county.

Within this post we are going to look at dog walks in Lincolnshire and what we feel are our top 10 contenders whether they’re national trust or simply just tracks off the beaten trail which you guys will definitely enjoy.

10)  – Twyford Wood

Twyford Wood based just outside of Grantham on the Colsterworth bypass is the abandoned site of a former WW2 RAF base. The wood itself consists of multiple air strip run ways providing ample space for your dog to run around.

Along with this it is literally enclosed by woodland of which some contain abandon buildings almost making the walk some what atmospheric and culturing.

Twyford wood is one of the more central dog walks in Lincolnshire and has an open car park which you will find with the below details:

NG33 5JW Approximately


9) – Woodland Waters

Woodland Waters is another location close to Grantham and Sleaford in Lincolnshire based in Ancaster village. Woodland waters is a multi functional location offering the facility to fish, camp & organise events.

The whole area of Woodland Waters is spread over 72 acres and has 5 fishing lakes which you are able to walk around. Please be aware, in this location dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times and follow the dog walking code of conduct.

We advise that if your dog has the tendency to bark more than average  that you avoid this walk due to the nature of people fishing and requiring peace and quiet.

8) – Culverthorpe Wood

Culverthorpe Woods is another wood based near Sleaford and Grantham providing a great dog walking in Lincolnshire location.

You can explore the Parkland and Countryside around the historic Culverthorpe Hall. The location is picturesque and has multiple routes perfect for taking your pretty pup of all sizes and breeds.

Footpaths and farm tracks are available, some of which can be muddy in the later seasons so be prepared to wear your wellies if the weather isn’t up to scratch.

7) – Anderby Creek

Anderby Creek hasnt miles of beautiful sandy beach line with plenty of space for dogs and humans alike.

The sand dunes make the perfect addition for nosey pups to look around or gain shelter in.

Parking in the area is completely free but their isn’t masses of it so either plan your journey or be prepared to wait to park.

Their are dog restrictions in place in some of the summer months so make sure you do your research before you visit Anderby Creek.

6) – Hubbards Hill

Hubbards Hill is a beautiful park filled with streams which are both shallow enough for small dogs and deep enough for larger dogs to play in.

It compromises of long lake side walks and open areas ready for dogs on and off the lead.

Between the months of May & October it will cost you £1 to park at Hubbards Hill however for the beauty that the area offers its a small cost to pay.

5) Hartsholme Park

A wooded area where you can walk around lakes, paths & woodlands offering various routes.

Harstholme Park offers great on and off lead areas for your dogs with a small cafe on site and a camping area for those making a day of it.

Free parking is available and the walk is mainly stone paths making it great for all seasons.

4)  – Woolsthorpe by Belvoir / Grantham Canal

What can we say about this area? quite a lot actually. Bosting multiple pubs, one being The Dirty Duck which is literally situated overlooking the Grantham Canal path Woolsthorpe is the perfect dog walking area.

The Canal Path spreads right between Grantham & West Bridgeford spanning 33 miles in total and compromising of 18 locks.

Your dog whether large or small will thoroughly enjoy their walk here exploring what it has to offer and we highly recommend it.3) Willingham Woods

Willingham Woods is a large open area of pine woods that are located just east of Market Rasen.

Dogs will love their sniffing opportunities here and offers plenty of interesting stuff for them to look at.

Their are also no sheep or farm animals for you to worry about if your dog has a tendency to say hello to them or is scared of them.

Refreshments are available in the area along with toilets allowing you to make the most of your walk.

Their are also picnic areas and free parking offering a nice bonus for those of you not wanting to spend much.

2) – Belmont Tower

What can we say thats bad about Belmont… nothing actually. Based near Londonthorpe outside of Grantham is Belmont tower.

Offering multiple routes to take, hills, grass land and forest walks this is the perfect location again for all size dogs and breed.

Their is ample parking at the bottom and also offers adjourning walks just across from it (Londonthorpe Woods) so you really can make this walk as long or short as you want.

We (the owners) walk this walk multiple times per week and our french bulldog absolutely loves it.

1) – Belton House

The picturesque beauty of Belton House’s lion gates walk is second to none. Featuring lakes, multiple routes, wild deer and a stately home combined with a huge kids play area this walk really could last you the day.

Their is also the actual Belton House grounds and home which you have to pay for but offers the extras of a cafe & small tour which you can join.

The Gardens are dog friendly but make sure that you get the correct entrance once you arrive depending on what you are going for.

The Lion Gates entrance is based at the bottom of Belton Lane in Grantham and offers completely free dog walking.

Should you enter from Belton village you will be greeted with a charge on the gate for grounds entrance so do your research prior to your arrival.

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