German Shepherd – Learn About This Beautiful Breed

German Shepherd Breed

Everything you need to know about the German Shepherd

German shepherds are probably one of the most loyal dogs, they are extremely intelligent, hardworking, and reliable. They work well in a variety of environments making them good as a working dog or the perfect family pet just not ideal for apartment living. The German shepherd needs to know who is the alpha in the family and needs plenty of mental stimulation to keep it happy.

Over the years the German Shepherd is known for working in the police force and army, this is thanks to its resilience, courage, and exceptional scent skills. They also make perfect watchdogs.


Fun Facts about German Shepherds

  • The first dog to aid the blind was a German Shepherd
  • A sport was invented for German Shepherds (Schutzhund)
  • The German shepherd was used in world war I and world war II
  • The first German Shepherd to appear on screen was in 1921 Strongheart
  • Rin Tin Tin is one of the most famous German shepherds of all time
  • There is a club for senior German shepherds
  • Most intelligent dog in the world


German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Appearance

The German Shepherd is a mid to large size dog, they are well-proportioned dogs that are extremely strong and powerful, their eyes are almost almond-shaped and dark brown in colour, their ears are set high on their heads and broader at the bottom then top, they carry their ears upright and aligned to one another.

German shepherds have long fluffy tails, although their coats do come in two different types, a short coat and a long coat that are very weather resistant. Their undercoat is very dense and thick whereas the outer coat is straight. the german Shepherds hair is short on its front legs, head ears, and paws.

German shepherds are very proud standing dogs, this shows of their confidence, muscles, and strength. The German Shepherd comes in a variety of colors.


Size & Life Expectancy

The average height of a female German Shepherd is between 55-62cm and usually weigh anywhere between 23-35kg as for the males they typically stand between 60-67cm and weigh between 30-45kg. They are known to have a life span of 9-14 years.


Is the German Shepherd a good family dog?

Yes, the German shepherd makes a great family pet, because they are very loyal and compassionate they are very gentle companions, although all dogs should be supervised around young children this breed is great family protectors and will let you know if someone is approaching the house, the protectiveness alongside the intelligence of these dogs is why they make a good choice for families, however, this breed does need to be properly trained to ensure it knows who is alpha but also not to be overprotective of its family, with the right socilisation and training these dogs can be very rewarding.

Food and Diet

German Shepherds diets depend on their age and health conditions, feed them a complete dog food to keep them slim and healthy. The four main types of dog food available are;

  • kibble (dry biscuits)
  • Frozen
  • Semi-moist
  • Canned or wet food

The type you choose will ultimately depend on your lifestyle, how much time you have to prepare their food, and your dog’s preference. It doesn’t hurt to try out a few different types first to see how they will respond to each one.

if you would like more advice on what is the right food for your German Shepherd than its best to discuss this with your veterinarian, they will be able to give you the best advice on what is suitable for your pug and also recommend how much you should be feeding them too.

It’s recommended that you split their daily allowance meal into two meals a day for them – remember to leave a gap of at least 30minutes before exercising giving time for the food to digest. Dogs love routine so try and feed them at the same time every day. It is really important to watch your German Shepherds weight, and not overfeed them and exercise regularly.

Treats should be given to your dog in moderation, snack and treats can be high in calories and can unbalance their diet, When giving your treats remember to take it into account of their daily amount or reduce their amount of food, treats should not make up any more than 10% of their daily calories intake.


What do German Shepherds like to do?

German Shepherds need to be kept occupied and be kept mentally stimulated because they are so intelligent they need to be playing games or doing tasks that keep them challenged throughout the day, this is also so they don’t become bored and depressed. They need an owner who can give them plenty of time and able to have a firm but gentle hand when it comes to training.

German shepherds are used a lot in the police force and army, their intelligence as well as amazing ability to sniff has given them a highly rewarded job roles. this breed loves nothing more than pleasing and being heroic so saving the day brings them nothing but happiness.

These dogs also love exercise and need at least two hours of walking a day. They also love working so being out on a farm all day running about is also another role well suited for this dog.


Are German shepherds Dangerous?

German Shepherds are not known for being aggressive, however, like all dogs, they can be put in certain situations where they feel threatened which can make them act aggressively. They were originally bred to move livestock so they can have some traits from a herding dog, unfortunately, this breed of dog has a bad reputation for having aggressive tendencies however most german shepherds are not and actually very loyal and loving family pets.

If a german shepherd is raised to be protective then it will show aggressive tendencies, as they will do anything to protect their loved ones, however with the right owner and training these dogs are very intelligent and quick to learn and adapt to their living and make great pets.


Are German Shepherd’s high maintenance?

German Shepherds are high maintenance dogs they need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep their coat healthy and prevent the fur from matting, after walks where it’s muddy or wet make sure you brush your dog straight after the walk as this also stops the build-up of the coat from matting which can be very painful and uncomfortable for your dog if left untreated.

German Shepherds also need a lot of regular exercises, at least two hours a day to keep them happy and balanced, they need an owner who has plenty of time to give to them and give them the proper attention and training they need. Training is very important for a German shepherd as they are intelligent they want to learn new things, they have a lot of energy to burn and need to be kept mentally stimulated.

This breed can try and be the alpha male so firm but gentle hand needs to be given when training and to show who is in charge, this is why they are not recommended for first-time pet owners as they need someone who knows how to handle them, not socialised properly and trained can cause major behavioral problems.


Do German Shepherds have many health problems?

As with any purebred dog, they are always going to be some health issues, here is a list of the most common health problems in German shepherds:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysphagia
  • Epilepsy
  • Pituitary Dwarfism
  • Skin allergies
  • Bloating
  • Eye problems
  • Hemophilia


Now that we have provided as much general information and advice on GermanShephersd we hope this helps you decide if a German shepherd is a right dog for you.

The German Shepherd makes a wonderful companion that is loyal and intelligent. By following the right steps, you and your pooch can lead a long, happy life together.