Introduction to Dog Bandanas

Introduction to dog bandanas

yellow zig zag dog bandanaA dog bandana is a square or rectangular cloth that is attached or tied on a dog’s neck to enhance physical appearance, for special occasions, to cool the pet’s neck or show its personality.

How to put on a dog’s bandana

There are different ways to put on a bandana;

  1. Fold the bandana into a half to create a triangle, place one end of the bandana on the canine’s chest and tie the other two ends on its neck, ensure that the knot is not loose to avoid hooking on objects as it moves around and not too tight to prevent choking. When tying the knot, leave a two finger space between the dog’s neck and the bandana.
  2. Velcro dog bandanas have hooks that you can open and close.
  3. There are other types of bandanas that have strings, which you tie on both ends on the dog’s neck.

Things to consider when buying a dog bandana

Before buying a dog bandana there are several factors to consider;

  1. Size

Dog’s sizes vary from large, medium to small. It is important to know the dog’s neck size before buying. 4pics dog bandana triangle bibs fit well on small and medium dogs while stone house collection 6pc holiday dog bandana fit well on medium and large dogs.

  1. Wash ability

There is a high possibility for dog neckerchiefs to get dirty, as the animal moves around. It is advisable to purchase material that can be cleaned and dried using a washing machine.

  1. Double sided

A double sided dog bandana is the best for your pet. The combination of designs, color and graphics on each side makes it possible to choose your preferred taste.

  1. Cooling effect

For dogs with short fur, it is highly important to buy a dog neckerchief; this will prevent sunburns and also cool the animal’s body. All chill out ice bandana has cooling technology and it is available in different sizes.

Why a dog bandana

It is important to buy a dog bandana, apart from the glamour that comes with putting on the neckerchief there are more into buying the fabric.

  1. To show the dog’s personality.

There are five different types of;

  • Confident dog
  • Timid dog
  • Independent dog
  • Happy dog
  • Adaptable dog

The bandana will serve a crucial purpose in showing the personality of the dog, this will improve interactions with strangers. For instance you can put on a bandana with white colors on a happy dog as a sign of peace.

  1. For cooling effect

As discussed above bandanas play a significant role in cooling dog’s neck this makes it easy for them to move around any season of the year.

  1. An attire for special occasions

Some bandanas are worn during special occasions for example birthdays, Halloween, thanksgiving, family gathering, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Stonehouse collection 6pc holiday dog bandana is the best to put on during these special occasions.

You can match the dog neckerchief with its fur or eye color or that of your outfit. This enhances its beauty and makes hostile dogs more approachable.


There three sizes of dogs large, medium and small.

Small and medium bandanas are between 14 to 18 inches. Grey tie on dog bandana, peach flower print dog bandana and yellow star print dog bandana can be used on both small and medium dogs.

Medium to large bandanas are between 20 to 24 inches.

Whereas there are some bandanas that can only be put on dog’s of a certain size, there are others which are adjustable and can be put on dogs of all sizes, for example grey tie on dog bandana and stag print grey dog bandana.

Personalised dog bandanas

Personalised dog bandanas are branded bandanas; they are either branded with the dog’s name, event it is attending or something or something expose a one of its traits, for example if your pets name is Henry, the bandana is branded Henry or if it is a special occasion that the dog is attending the bandana is branded with the events name Halloween.

Strangers can easily call the dog by its name and interact with it, this helps in controlling aggressive dogs and making them friendlier.

Custom dog bandanas are modified to suit the animal’s personality for example a nervous dog that can easily attack when disturbed can have a yellow bandana branded nervous for people to keep off.

Labradors that are harsh and aggressive and can easily harm when prompted can put on a red bandana to alert people of danger.

Patterned bandanas

Great patterns of varying designs create a magnificent appearance on your pet.

Patterned bandanas create room for mixing colors of one choice and enhancing the dog’s beauty. Black triangle print dog bandana, blue cloud print bandana and bow dog bandana are good examples of patterned bandana.

Types of bandanas

There are different types of bandanas;

Pretty Pup stock all sorts of dog bandanas from striped dog bandanas, plain dog bandanas, patterned dog bandanas through to personalised dog bandanas.

We offer the best and most high quality products on the market no matter what breed of dog you have.


The importance of dog bandanas cannot be underestimated. Apart from scaling up the glamour on the canine’s friend appearance, they expose its personality, prevent sunburns and cool the pet’s body temperature.

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